My time in Norway - 2001
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Why am I in Norway?
Travel to Norway
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The first weekend
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Language course
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Cabin trip to Oppdal
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Cabin trip to Holvassgamma
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Party at Steinan
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Some Pictures from Trondheim
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Weekendtrip to the Coast
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Party in my room
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Cabin trip to Brygga
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Gala at the Studentersamfundet
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Birthdayparty of Bernd and me
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Why am I in Norway?
At first I have to explain why I am in Norway right now! Well, since I have to do a semester outside of Austria, I choosed Norway because it is a very beautiful country and, due to the fact that I am studying petroleum engineering, the Norwegian know a lot about everything belonging to offshore-technology.

So I startet not only one semester, but a whole year in Trondheim, at the NTNU at the 18th of July 2001. And here I will stay until June 2002.

Travel to Norway (18.07. - 20.07.2001)
As I said I startet at the 18th of July, to travel to Trondheim. Here I study at the NTNU (Norwegians biggest university for engineering). If you want to see some pictures from my travel, just klick below.

The first weekend (20.07. - 22.07.2001)
So, just arrived in Trondheim, and what should we do now? Yes, go and have a look how the city looks like!

Language course (23.07. - 17.08.2001)
At first I did for 4 weeks a norwegian intensive course. Så jeg kan snakke litt norsk. But I am not that good, that I could write my homepage in norwegian. During this time we did some more or less interesting excursions to various museeums and other historical places. See what was worth a picture on this:

Cabin trip to Oppdal (10.08. - 12.08.2001)
We also did a cabin-trip with two other groups of the course. There we went to Oppdal, 120km to the south of Trondheim. We lived in an typical old cabin called "Gamma":

Cabin trip to Holvassgamma (24.08. - 26.08.2001)
Beause of the first cabin-trip was a lot of fun, we decided to do this once again. The NTNUI (the sports institution of the NTNU) owns several cabins in the mountains around Trondheim, which can be rented by its members very cheaply. So we did that and picked out one of the cabins with very exciting landscape around. The only little problem was, that we had to walk to the cabin almost 3 hours with the full equipment for 3 days. But we could manage that and we were awarded by very beautiful places to walk throug ...

Party in Steinan (01.09.2001)
Steinan is the studenthome where some friends of mine live. At saturday we went there and had a "little" preparty in Michael´s and Bin´s rooms. Afterwards we all moved to the partyhouse of Steinan, where we had a lot of fun ...

Some pictures from Trondheim
Just some impressions from and around Trondheim ...

Weekendtrip to the Coast (21.09. - 23.09.2001)
During the visit of my sister Andrea we did a weekendtrip to the coast. Map with the path we followed will come later ...
Here one link: Skjerneset ... here we stayed from Saturday to Sunday

Party in my room (30.09.2001)
After all the parties in other rooms we did one ourself. So Håkon, Barbara and I invited this time. It was great fun (for example the popcornsession) ...

Cabin trip to Brygga (19.10. - 21.10.2001)
Brygga is a very nice cabin on the Island "Hitra" west of Trondheim. Here, direct at the Atlantic ocean, it is very good to go fishing. The cabin is well equipped to have a nice stay. There is also a rowboat to row out for fishing. This weekend we did exactly that. We were very lucky, got a lot of fish and had a very great time together. Look for this map to see where we were and to get some tips for fishing.

Gala at the Studendersamfundet (02.11.2001)
During the UKA, Norways biggest cultural event, every weekend on Friday and Saturday is the Gala. There you dress up yourself as fine as possible and have a great time with friends.

Birthdayparty of Bernd and me (17.11.2001)
Ok, well once a year most of the people have their birthday. So Bernd (18.11.) and me (22.11.) celebated our birthday this time. I think this pictures don´t need much comment, they are what they are. If you think, there should be a comment just feel free to add one!

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