My time in Norway - 2002
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Trip to Svalbard
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Diving in the Trondheimfjord
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Divingtrip to Rottingen
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Excursion to Malaysia
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Trip back home to Austria
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Trip to Svalbard (30.01. - 03.02.2002)
Well then, let me explain what happened during these days. First of all Michael and I had to catch the plane to Longyearbyen (the biggest settlement on Svalbard, 1200 inhabitants). This journey was quite long since we had to travel far north (the distance from Trondheim (62° north) to Svalbard (78° north) is 2000km). The distance from Svalbard to the north-pole is 1300km.

The first evening there was a welcome party for us (OK: it was the birthday of Sebastian). In the evening on Thursday we did a trip into the icecave in the glacier right above the city.

On Friday, 14:00, we started our hiking tour to the other side of the fjord where earlier Adventcity was. Now are there only some houseruins. There we startet to pick up a husky (alarm against polar bears). It always happens again, that people were surprised, hurt or even killed by the bears. So we were well protected to be alarmed if a bear would come. In addition to that we had tripwires installed around the tents in the case the dog would not recognize the bear. Finally we were armed to protect us if the dog and/or the tripwires could not scare away the polar bear (note: inhabitants of Svalbard 3700, estimated population of polar bears on Svalbard 3500-5000).

After we had reached our place for the night we set up our tents for the night. To warm up we had some tea and the one or other swollow of Vodka and Rum. Before we went to sleep, we had some fun with stories, riddles and finally Christof scared (or more or less amused) us with the horrorstory of "The little pirate which smelled always fishy".

During the night a horrible wind came up. This wind did not stop until we left Svalbard on Sunday. So we had a very hard time to break down our camp and return to the city. It was not possible to have the hands (or any part of the face) uncoverd for more than 10 seconds until it began to hurt really bad.

Weatherstation 11:00 (we got up) 18:00 (return to Longyearbyen)
Temperature -21°C -16°C
Windchill -48°C -38°C

Well packed in we finally returned to Longyearbyen without any incident with polar bears or frostbites.

On Saturday evening there were a party again in one barack which we declared to be the goodbye party for us. So we had a really great time with all the students of UNIS.


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Diving in the Trondheimfjord
Since I have a diving certification and there is a diving club at NTNU I decided to go diving here. I didn´t expect to see anyting special. But after the first dives it turned out that the life in the Trondheimfjord is quite special in some cases. Here grow lots of soft corals and you can see deepwaterlife within very shallow depth.

If you are interested in some pictures go to my divelog. There are several pictures to every dive I did.

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Divingtrip to Rottingen (11.04.-14.04.2002)
In mid of April I did a trip to a island at the shore to go diving. On Thursday 13:00 we began our ride to Rottingen, a small island north of Frøya (see gallery for the maps ->> comming soon). After half an hour driving we had our first forced break. While driving we suddenly heard a unusual noise from the back. As it turned out, we lost one tyre from the hanger where we transported one of the boats. When I saw that, I thought this weekend is over. But It took us only some minutes to fix the tyre again (unfortunately we missed some bolts). At the next shop we bought new bolts to fix the tyre completely.

Except two more incidents, the trip was really great. The two incidents are that Håvar got the decompression sickness (he will be fine after some days) and that my digital camera fell into the water (the insurance will pay, I hope).

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(thanks to Sjur and Mathias for these pictures)

Excursion to Malaysia (01.06.-16.06.2002)
After a really great year in Norway I had the possibility to join an excursion of the 4th year GeoPet-class of 2001/02 to Malaysia. We visited some companies (Schlumberger, Shell, Petronas and Exxon-Mobile), and also some nice sites to have a vacation.

I want to thank all of you for a nice time in Norway and two really exciting weeks in Malaysia. I hope to see you again some time!

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Trip back home to Austria (18.06.-22.06.2002)
Sad but true, every good time has an end. So this is really the end? Not yet. We had still 4 days to enjoy the landscape of Norway on our way home. We decided to drive the west-coast all the way to the (according to my room-mate Håkon) most beautiful, sunniest, nicest city in whole Norway.

So Michael and I drove from Trondheim the following route:
Trondheim - Oppdal - Dåmbås - Trollstigen - Bergen - Stavanger - Kristiansand

During these 4 days we saw very impressive landscape, unbelivable rain (near Bergen, but not IN Bergen), ...
But have a look yourself ...

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