18.09.2007 18:20
  New pictures from Norway (underwater) in the Dive Gallery!

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28.09.2003 18:34
  Hallo, es hat sich wieder einmal etwas auf meiner Homepage getan! GRAN CANARIA, ...

07.01.2003 7:52
  Pictures of Philistrierung December 2002 and Silvester 2002 added!

02.12.2002 14:23
  New pictures from Holland and the trip to Leoben for the "Ledersprung" added!

01.08.2002 12:35
  For the pictures of the GEOLOGICAL EXCURSION and all about the Netherlands please click onto HOLLAND

26.07.2002 9:56
  It took some time, but now MALAYSIA, THE TRIP HOME and WERNER AND DIDIS PARTY are online! Check the first two in 'Norway 2002' and the latter in 'Pictures'

29.06.2002 19:40
  Hello! I am currently on my way to the Netherlands ... so my homepage is a little out of date. Check later ...

05.06.2002 16:01
  Hello! I am currently in Malaysia (having an excursion and some vacation). I am looking forward to add the pictures from here to my gallery

20.05.2002 21:57
  Some more pictures from Rottingen are ready (thanks Mathias)

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16.04.2002 23:26
  The pictures from my diving trip to Rottingen are ready! Look them up under Norway 2002

05.04.2002 13:58
  Comming soon! My own domain: without any commercial

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